Big Brother Rewards Liquorose For Performing Well In Her Secret Task | MarvelTvUpdates

Big Brother has rewarded Liquorose for performing her secret task diligently as promised

Big brother played a clip of the diary session instruction for the task and how Liquorose and Saga performed.

Recall that Big brother on Tuesday had promised to reward Liquorose and Saga if they succesfull prank and pick a fight with their love interests, Emmanuel and Nini.

After the clip, he asked Nini to rate Saga’s performance and she said he did well because she didn’t figure out it was a prank until he spilled,Emmanuel rated Liquorose 10 because the prank got to him.

However, Biggie said Liquorose passed and Saga failed the task,He said Saga not only failed the task but disrespected the diary room privacy rules by revealing the details of the task word for word.

Biggie insisted that Saga gained no reward for his lack of focus.

He therefore, rewarded Liquorose with 250 Abeg naira and 200 BB tokens,and also rewarded Emmanuel with 200 Abeg Naira and 200 BB tokens.

He also rewarded them with an exclusive dinner for two.

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