Saga Reveals Why He Failed Secret Task | MarvelTvUpdates

Saga Reveals Why He Failed Secret Task | MarvelTvUpdates

Big brother season 6 housemate saga has revealed why he failed the secret task given to him by big brother

Recall that Saga was instructed to avoid his love interest Nini and pick a fight with her

Big brother had promised a reward of abeg naira and bb tokens if he performed well in his task.

Saga confessed to biggie that he failed the task because of the argument that ensued between Nini and Cross

He said Nini was emotional after the fight and he felt it was best for him to be there for her

“Nini is very smart so I didn’t start immediately,I took my time,when I started the task in the evening and it got to her until she said I shouldn’t talk to her again,at this point I knew I had done the task but I didn’t know for how long the task should go

“She got into a fight with cross and I had to leave my character to intervene,if the fight didn’t happen I would have continued the task

“I passed the task up to a point but I think I failed it,I suspect liquorose is also on the same task and she is doing a good job,I’m quite attached to Nini so it was a bit harder”.He said to biggie

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