Nigerian Man Poisoned To Death By His Friend In Indonesia | MarvelTvUpdates

Friends and family have taken to social media to mourn the death of a Nigerian man, Chisom popularly known as Mikky Miguel who was poisoned to death by a friend in Indonesia.

Prince Ebukason Victor, who disclosed this in a post he shared on the platform on Monday, October 18th, Chisom buried his father few months ago.

The deceased is a father of two and married to an Indonesian national.

Narrating the cause of his death Prince Ebukason Victor wrote,

“What a Wicked Word, he buried his Father few months ago and now they have to poison him in Indonesia. Some people has mind ohhh to take a life you didn’t give. What will you gain by k!lling someone who did nothing to you, because of jealousy and you have to poison him to end his Life half way.

Guys let’s be very careful who we hang around with not everybody that call you blood or laugh with yoy are real , some are dëvil. Mikky May your soul rest in peace.”

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