“Messi Wanted Me To Take It” – Mbappe | MarvelTvUpdates

Paris Saint-Germain fell behind 2-1 to RB Leipzig following a goal by the German side. When it all seemed as though an upset would be in the making for Leipzig, Lionel Messi worked out some magic to aid the capital club.

The 34-year-old and Kylian Mbappé collaborated on PSG’s second goal, with Messi finishing the play. Then Messi would convert on his penalty kick opportunity to make it 3-2. Following the match, Mbappé spoke to Canal Football Club, where he discussed letting Messi take the penalty kick.

“It’s normal; it’s respect! He’s the best player in the world; he’s coming to our team; it’s a privilege,” Mbappé said. “I’ve always said it’s a privilege that he’s playing with us. There is a penalty, and he shoots it, period. The second, he wanted to give it to me, and I missed it, but the first is his decision; he must shoot it.”

Furthermore, Messi told Mbappé to take the penalty kick in stoppage time that the 22-year-old would miss.

“Yes, we traded, he said to me, ‘Take it! “. It was the end, 90th minute, it was over, and I took it,” Mbappé said.

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