Ibadan Poly Student Gets Award For Being Girlfriend To Departmental President | MarvelTvUpdates

Students of the department of Mass communication, Ibadan Polytechnic, Oyo state, have given a special recognition award to Samiah Temitayo Anike for being the first lady of their president.

She was described as the first lady of the Association of Students Communicators (ASCOM) president.

In the photo that was shared on Instagram by @Siggy.ng, the young lady was praised by ASCOM members for her “wifely support in the administration of President Haadi Afees Ishola 2019/2020 regime”.

The photo was also shared on Facebook and Nigerians couldn’t believe their eyes. Many were of the opinion that the students who gave Samia a special recognition award would perform worse than some politicians in the country if they are are elected into political offices.

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