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On Sunday, November 7 2021, voting for the governorship election in Anambra State has mostly been concluded and collation of results is currently ongoing at local government areas level.

The leading parties are Charles Soludo – APGA, Senator Andy Uba – APC Valentine Ozigbo- PDP Senator Ifeanyi Ubah – YPP

Also, ahead of the vote counting, APGA Candidate, Charles Soludo seems to be leading the vote, having won 10 LGA out of the 11 collated and has defeated PDP, APC candidates in their LGAs.

The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will receive the results from the LGAs, do the final collation and declare the winner.

The final and verified results will be announced at the final collaction center in Akwa.

Florence Obi, vice-chancellor of the University of Calabar and the state returning officer for the governorship election, has announced a one-hour break. The exercise will continue at 3:30 pm.

See Live Updates of APGA, APC, PDP and YPP below


No of Ref Voter— 176812
Accredited Voters— 23854
Valid votes— 22802
Rejected votes— 875
Total votes cast— 23677

APC— 2595
APGA— 12891
PDP— 5498
YPP— 919
No record of cancellation, election was peaceful, the returning officers says.


No of Reg Voters— 100764
Accredited Voters— 13241
Valid votes— 12643
Rejected votes— 492
Total votes cast— 13135

APC— 2830
APGA— 6133
PDP— 2484
YPP— 900
The returning officer says that there were no incidents recorded.


No of Reg Voters— 109860
Accredited Voters— 15940
Valid votes— 15483
Rejected votes— 440
Total votes cast— 15923

APC— 2085
APGA— 6911
PDP— 5108
YPP— 868
Okeme Isaac, the returning officer, says there were no deployment of officers in two polling units in Akwaeze.


No of Reg Voters— 98426
Accredited Voters— 14419
Valid votes— 14044
Rejected votes— 302
Total votes cast— 14346

APC— 2034
APGA— 9746
PDP— 1380
YPP— 559
The returning officers says there are six incidences of over voting and BVAS problems.


Registered voters, 74, 855
Accredited voters – 10, 134
Total valid votes – 9594
Invalid votes – 498
Total votes cast – 10092

APGA- 4124
The returning officer submits that there were no cancelations.


Note: Anyamelum LGA was put on hold due to certain errors. The collation officer was asked to go and sort it out. Hence, the returning officer of Ayamelum LGA who was asked to go and reconcile his figures came back with:

Registered voters— 87, 128
Accredited voters— 9, 754
Total valid votes – 9534
Rejected votes— 117
Total votes cast – 9651

APC— 2409
APGA— 3424
PDP— 2804
YPP— 407


Registered Voters— 112652
Accredited Voters— 6622
Total Valid Votes— 6402
Rejected Votes— 207
Total Votes Cast— 6609

APC— 1039
APGA— 2312
PDP— 2016
YPP— 752
Gabriel, the returning officer, says there were incidents of no election in three RAs.


Registered Voters— 156775
Accredited Voters— 9406
Total Valid Votes— 16958
Rejected Votes— 725
Total Votes Cast— 17683

APC— 2050
APGA— 4281
PDP— 2253
YPP— 271
The returning officer says there were no incidents recorded.

Registered Voters— 103715
Accredited Voters— 17934
Total Valid Votes— 16958
Rejected Votes— 725
Total Votes Cast— 17683

APC— 3216
APGA— 8803
PDP— 3409
YPP— 924
The returning officer says there were no cancelation.
He adds that voters didn’t come out at a particular polling “unit with 4 registered voters.”

Registered Voters— 74690
Accredited Voters— 10554
Total Valid Votes— 10132
Rejected Votes— 399
Total Votes Cast— 10531

APC— 2060
APGA— 4394
PDP— 1672
YPP— 887
The collation officer says there were two incidences or manual accreditation and without the use BIVAS.

Total of results after 11 local government APC: 23587
APGA: 66766
PDP: 29811

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