UFC 268: Kamaru Usman Defeats Covington, Retains Welterweight Title

Kamaru Usman not breaking records as the best pound for pound fighter has defeated Colby Covington by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-7, 49-46) to retain the UFC welterweight championship.

After their rematch at UFC 268 in the early hours of Sunday at the Maddison Square Garden in New York to retain his UFC Welterweight title Usman described Covington as a tough opponent.

Usman won their first fight with a fifth-round knockout and he also acknowledged that Covington has improved from their first bout.

Usman subsequently proclaimed himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Covington “the second-best guy” in the division.

Although Usman has publicly stated his dislike for Covington, but after their fight on Sunday morning, the Nigerian Nightmare embraced the man with whom he has gone 10 rounds (from their two fights) in the Octagon.

On his part, Covington admitted that Usman had a better night.

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