Travis Scott Called Out For Continuing To Perform For 40 Minutes While Concertgoers Died Around Him | MarvelTvUpdates

Travis Scott has been called out for continuing to perform for 40 minutes as concertgoers tragically died during his Astroworld Festival on Friday night, Nov. 5.

8 people are confirmed dead and hundreds were injured during a crowd surge and stampede at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, during Travis’ show.

In videos shared online, Scott looked on as paramedics performed CPR on unresponsive young people.

He continued performing for another 40 minutes while kids as young as 14 were loaded into ambulances.

He is also said to have encouraged concertgoers to make “the ground shake” as bodies lay around them.

The crowd repeatedly chanted “Stop the show!” but a video shows Travis Scott saying, “Who asked me to stop?”

Travis Scott claims he didn’t know what was happening, but there is video evidence that appears to show he knew something was wrong.

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