How DJ Michelle Was Rescued After Being Swept Away By The Beach Water | MarvelTvUpdates

Man who saved and brought DJ Michelle back to life and to you family finally speaks on how it happened.

The fast rising DJ had on Thursday, 18 November gone to the beach with her friends when the incident happened. Family and friends were already mourning before the news came to them that she had been found, 24 hours after she vanished.

The man when interviewed said he was just passing by the beach side when he saw her. His intention was to walk away but something told him to go check out. Which he obeyed.

He said he had to give her CPR in order to save her.

Family and friends immediately rushed to the beach to receive her when the news got to them.

How she survived all through the 24 hours still baffles concerned Nigerians who went on social to drop their various funny comments.

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