Lance Corporal Dies From The Venomous Bite Of A Snake In Her Water Cistern | MarvelTvUpdates


A Nigeria Air Force Personnel, Bercy, has been bitten by a snake in her Abuja home.

It was reported by her friend that the deceased had gone to the toilet to answer nature’s call when the venomous snake that had been hiding there struck.

She advised Nigerians to be cautious of their homes and environments. Recounting on her previous discussion with the deceased, she said she is devastated and still can’t believe Bercy is no more.

Nigerians took to the comments section to drop their fears:

chocojojo: shiiiit.. I always imagine this thing in my head while sitting, sometimes I get to check again. This is bad”.

Ilsa3loka: Omo after seeing this video I quickly stoop up from mine as I dey kaka…. God forbid. I go finish am tomorrow morning.

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