Mr. Macaroni Coins Morning Declaration For Nigeria Police | MarvelTvUpdates

Nigeria Comedian, Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr. Macaroni, has again dropped a nugget for the Nigeria Police.

He has always taken his stand behind the Youth whenever a Nigeria Police is involved.

This time, he took to Twitter to drop what a Nigeria police officer’s morning declarations should look like before they step out of their homes and offices.

He stated in the declaration that whenever a police officer sights a young Nigerian with a car or an iPhone, his next thought or action shouldn’t be how to extort the fellow.

He said:

Nigeria Police, every morning when you wake up, hold your chest and say;
Having a nice phone is not a Crime.
Driving a nice car Is Not a Crime.
Being a Nigeria Youth is not a Crime…

Nigeria Police, allow the youths breath!!!

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