Out Of School Children To Be Recruited As Boko Haram, Says Obasanjo | MarvelTvUpdates

The former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while addressing those that were present at the Presidential Youth Mentorship retreat held at the Youth Development Centre, At Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Ogun State, categorically said that Boko Haram that the government has failed to combat now, will in years to come to begin to recruit Out of school children.

The children who out of fear left school to stay in their respective homes will sooner or later become dreadful terrorists if they don’t return to their classrooms.

The erstwhile president blames the increasing number of out of school children on lack of security.

Parents are equally not ready to risk taking their beloved children to school when adequate security is not guaranteed.

But he notes that, keeping the children at home when they ought to be In school is not an option, as this will only increase the security situation in the nation.

He said:

“If you deal with Boko Haram by stick today, in few years from now, the situation will be worst because we are talking about security, it will be worst”.

He stressed that when it comes to security and poverty, the solution should start from education.

He promised to keep fighting for the unity of Nigeria for as long as lives.

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