[VIDEO]: “I Never Said Donate Money For Me, I Said ‘If You’re My Friend Give Me Money’.” Davido To CNN | MarvelTvUpdates

Nigerian Music Superstar, Davido was a guest on CNN to talk about the 201million he received from his fans and friends.

Davido who was hosted by Zain Asher, said he was just addressing his friends and the people he has featured in their songs when he made the announcement when Zain asked him about the donations

The Afrobeat superstar clarified that he didn’t ask them to donate money to him and added that he didn’t expect as much money as he got.

He said it was all a joke but people came through, including ordinary Nigerians who were sending what they could afford.

He explained: “I never said donate money to me, I said ‘if you’re my friend give me money’.”

Watch Video below

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