Sweden First Female Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson Re-elected Days After Resignation | MarvelTvUpdates

Sweden’s first female prime minister who resigned a few hours after she was appointed last week due to political turmoil, has been reappointed.

Andersson was the finance minister for seven years before leading the Social Democrats in early November.

The 54 year old economist who’s plans to form a new coalition government with the Green Party was not granted when her proposed budget failed.

The Green party made it clear that it won’t approve a budget from the coalition party. By convention, a prime minister is expected to resign if a coalition party leaves. All these led to the resignation of the first female prime minister on Wednesday, hours after she was appointed.

Her re-election was applauded by the MPs in Parliament.

Stefan Lofven was the prime minister before Andersson. He was removed as the prime minister of a caretaker government after a vote of no confidence in June.

In a new vote on Monday, MPs backed Magdalena, Social Democratic Party leader. She is expected to win the people’s hearts against next year election.

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