Ballon d’Or 2021: Lionel Messi’s Father Reacts To His Messi’s Critics After His Win | MarvelTvUpdates

Jorge Messi, father of Paris Saint-Germain forward, Lionel Messi has responded to critics questioning his son seventh Ballon d’Or win

Lionel Messi on Monday, Nov. 29, won a record-breaking seventh Ballon d’Or, making him two triumph clear of Christian Ronaldo who is just a Five-time winner.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who finished in sixth position, didn’t attend the ceremony as Messi received his prestigious award at glitzy gala in Paris.

Ronaldo also commented on an Instagram post highlighting all of his achievements over the past year in query to his finishing position in the rankings, writing: “Facts.”

Messi’s 7th Ballon d’Or win sparked a debate about the Ballon d’Or’s credibility.

Responding to this, his father Jorge Messi posted a photo of his son holding the trophy and he wrote in in the caption: “Bla bla bla… carry on

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