Ini Edo Finally Opens Up On Having A Child | MarvelTvUpdates

Ini Obong Edo has finally opened up on who the father of her baby is.

The actress who was dragged for having a child for one Mr. Kome said he is just one out of the other male friends she has. She said Kome is happy in his marriage and very responsible.

When asked how the baby came about, she confessed to opting for surrogacy, since it is the only way she can stay out of all the dramas attached to who should take full possession of a child/children when parents separate.

According to her, the eggs used belongs to her which genetically makes the baby her blood. She saved other eggs in case she decides to go for surrogacy again or carry her baby herself.

“I opted for a donor for me and my baby’s peace of mind.”

She said life is too fragile and short for her to start seeking perfection.

Speaking further, she said she was never hiding the child but was only waiting for the perfect time to share the story. And the perfect was supposed to be in few months time when the baby clocks a year but mischief-makers spoilt the whole plans with their lies. She explains that it worries her a lot the way Nigerians criticize single mothers and tag them as husband snatchers once they see them hanging around men.

For her, having her baby through surrogacy Is the best thing ever. She also advised those who have been trusting God for a child of their own to go for it and ignore the cost, because the joy that comes afterwards, is worth it.

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