Age Doesn’t Represent How Smart You Are I Know Plenty Stupid Grown People Too – Wizkid To Fans | MarvelTvUpdates

Nigerian music superstar, Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, on Wednesday, has said that age does not represent one’s intelligence.

He stated this in a post on his Snapchat story, where he mentioned that he knew grown people who were also stupid.

“Age isn’t a representation of how smart you are. I know plenty stupid grown people too,” Wizkid posted.

The Grammy award-winning article also shared with fans that he doesn’t wake up with hate or sadness in his heart.

Wizkid wrote, “I don’t wake up sad. I don’t wake up poor in life, in health, and in spirit. I don’t wake up with hate in my heart. Thank Jah for blessings every day.”

Sharing a word of advice, he added, “Don’t waste your life with temporary situations. Live life.”

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