Nigerian Man Narrates Friend’s Encounter With A 19-Year-Old Girl | MarvelTVUpdates

A Nigerian man identified as Viccetti has narrated one of his friend’s experience with a 19-year-old girl whom they met on the road.

According to the young man, his friend had already discussed with the girl to spend an intimate night with him, during their discussion when she arrived, he found out that she’s a 19-Year-Old.

“My flatmate saw this girl on the street couple of days ago, he wooed her and got her number. She came to the house yesterday, we found out she was 19years. After hosting her, she left and then he deleted her number.

“See just move with guys that think. And he showed me the conversation they were having, this was someone that came to the house that day to sleep with him”.

“We both have a 19 year old younger sister, the thought of now sleeping with a girl that young gross the shit out of us. But most guys ain’t like this”.

“In our books, 19 years is still a minor. I am 29 and he’s 28. What are we doing hanging around with a girl that young”

“You don’t have to sleep with every girl that gives you green light bro. Some are just naive little girls thinking they’ve hit Jackpot being with an older guy.” He added.

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