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Former Barcelona Star, Dani Alves has finally regained his freedom for the first time since December 2022.

Dani Alves was arrested in the city of Barcelona after allegations that he raped a Spanish lady in the VIP section of a nightclub in the city in 2022.

Since his arrest, he remained in prison as investigation and legal procedure over the allegation continued.

Dani Alves initially denied having sex with the lady, who is said to be in her early 20s, but later admitted he had sex with her in a consensual manner.

However, he was found guilty of having sex with the victim against her consent based on evidence retrieved from the bathroom where the crime happened and the testimony of the victim.

Hence, he was sentenced to four years and six months in prison with immediate effect.

Alves was released on bail today, March 25, after paying €1 million.

Afterwards, a video surfaced online showing the former Brazil international leaving the courtroom in the company of his lawyer and a police escort.

Protesters who didn’t want him to regain his freedom until he completes his jail term could be heard chanting “rapist” in Spanish while he walked into a waiting car.

Dani Alves was freed because the Spanish legal system ruled that he could be released on bail since he had spent almost half of his official sentence period in prison during the court procedure.

The court slammed a one million euros bail on him, which he had met earlier today, March 25.

Note that this freedom is not total because the passports of the 40-year-old Brazilian football icon have been submitted to the Spanish authorities, which means he can’t leave the country until his jail term expires.

Dani Alves is also expected to report himself at the court once a week until his jail term expires.

Recall that the prosecuting counsel has appealed the bail ruling. If the council wins the appeal, the retired Brazil international will return to prison to continue serving his jail term.

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