‘I Would Shoot You In The Head If I Had A Gun’ – Primeboy Blasts Mhobad’s Mother (VIDEO) | MarvelTvUpdates

Nigerian singer, Ibrahim Owodunni, popularly known as Primeboy, the friend of late singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has slammed his mother, Abosede, on social media.

Primeboy rained curses on Mohbad’s mother while reacting to a recent interview where Abosede mentioned his name.

Naija News reported that abosede alleged that her estranged husband Joseph Aloba, played a role in protecting Primeboy, the prime suspect in the death of her son.

Abosded claimed that Mohbad’s father advised Primeboy to run away because he was a suspect in the death case.

Reacting, Primeboy, in a video shared on Instagram, rained insults at Mohbad’s mother, stating she was talking gibberish and people should not listen to her.

Primeboy also claimed that Abosede has been frolicking with the people responsible for Mohabd’s death and should speak out instead of shedding fake tears online.

He said, “This is not my friend’s mother, no. Woman how old are you? Bose or what do they call you? It won’t be well with you. This old woman that her life is ruined. Whose mother is this one? All your secrets are now getting exposed because Primeboy is on his own, thinking about his life before the cockroach interrupted. I have been on my own, whose mother is this? This is not Mohbad’s mother. 

This woman has misstepped and misyarned. Between me and you, you have misyarned. What do you want to do now? Do you want to apologise? Mohbad where are you? Is this your mummy? This is not your mum.

“Woman, what have I done wrong? Why do you keep mentioning my name? Don’t you listen to instructions. I only respected you because you claimed to be Mohbad’s mother but now you have disappointed me. You are sleeping and waking with those who killed your son. You should be scared. 

Instead of you to come out and shout, save your life, tell us what you know about the death of your son and cry real tears not fake one. I wish I had a real gun, I would have shot you in the head or you think I am one of those you will deceive with fake tears? There’s no style you haven’t used to cry since your son’s death including crocodile tears.”

See video below;


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