“Really? So It’s Me You Drew Like This” – Governor Sanwo Olu Tells A Comedian Who Made A Funny Image Of Him | MarvelTvUpdates

A Nigerian comedian who creates funny or mocking artwork of popular people has gotten an invite from the Lagos State Governor, Jide Sanwo-Olu.

The comedian known as Bodataiye got the invitation after he published his drawing of Sanwo-OLu

He’d shared a photo of his drawing and wrote ;

I drew his excellency governor of lagos State @jidesanwoolu ,I thank God for the successful work I think his excellency will love it .I still remain the best artist in UAR .

The Governor then acknowledged the drawing and also subtly ‘dared’ him to come present it to him in his office.

Sanwo-Olu wrote ;

“Really? So, it’s me you drew like this? I’m guessing you’ll like to present it to me, abi? Ok, come and present it to me in my office. Hmmmm…”

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