[VIDEO]: Zazoo Crooner Portable Accuses Burna Boy of Using Him To Promote His Album ‘Who R!p me? Burna Boy Don R!p Me’ | MarvelTvUpdates

Zazoo Crooner Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable or Zazuu, a Nigerian singer, has reacted to a video that shows prominent rapper Burna Boy utilising his trademark terminology.

In the video, Burna Boy says, “Akoi Biza Biza, Akoi grace, Akoi mercy, Akoi blessing They will be blessed if they follow you.”

Portable reacted by telling Burna that he knows that he has now recognized him, and that they should drop a song together. Portable said that Burna copied the slang from him and that he has no problem with that but Burna should listen to his request.


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