“You download demonic spirits when you watch Big Brother Naija” Says Nigerian clergyman |MarvelTvUpdates

Apostle Michael Orokpo has said that people can be demonized by watching Television shows because “demons travel on vibrations” while preaching in his church recently.

He mentioned that demons access the soul of people through their ears, eyes and skins; and agents of darkness considered all this to organize the reality show since people will be watching

He said; “When you go to watch Big Brother Naija, you think you are going to rest and relax. You don’t know that’s a channel. Spirits move on vibration. Every spirit moves on vibration so they either travel through light or sound.

“That is why the gate of the soul is the eye, ear and the skin.

“Spirits travel on vibrations and because demons know, it now gathers its agents that have money and they put a put a programme together that access your eyes and your ears and you sit there from morning till evening downloading demonic spirits and you say you are having fun.

“So five hundred ladies that watch the Big Brother Naija go to sleep with five hundred men. They don’t know it is a recruitment camp for agents of darkness.”

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