Frank Warren Warns Anthony Joshua Not To Seek A Rematch Against Oleksandr Usyk | MarvelTvUpdates

Frank Warren, who promotes WBC champion Tyson Fury,has warned Anthony Joshua not to seek a rematch against Oleksandr Usyk because he can never beat him.

Frank Warren, made the warning while commenting the proposed showdown for the undisputed heavyweight title between Joshua and Fury. 

He said there’s still hope for the two british boxer to fight despite Joshua losing all his heavyweight title to Usyk. 

As for Joshua’s intention to trigger his contractual right to a rematch with Usyk, in the UK, Warren believes it would be a mistake.

Warren told Sportsmail: ‘He shouldn’t go anywhere near Usyk – he will never beat him.

‘In terms of fighting Tyson Fury, it can happen. Joshua losing has taken away the belts and he is damaged goods now. But people would still buy into that fight. It can happen and it can happen in the UK.

‘But he shouldn’t have a rematch with Usyk. I wouldn’t even think about it if I was him.’

Warren believes Fury would have ‘destroyed’ Joshua in the first half of the fight had he been in the opposing corner.

He said: ‘I thought Joshua was poor. Take nothing away from Usyk, who was brilliant, but Joshua was poor. He didn’t fancy it at all. What was he even doing on the ring walk? He was shaking hands with people in the crowd. You’re meant to be on a mission. When he was in the ring he looked gun shy.

Tyson Fury would have destroyed him inside three or four rounds. Tyson has great footwork, a great chin and his hands are as fast as Usyk’s and he is bigger – he would have destroyed Joshua.’         

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