Reality Tv Show “Lions’ Den” Debuts In Nigeria, Offers Millions To Entrepreneurs | MarvelTvUpdates

A reality TV show, titled Lions’ Den, has announced that it is offering entrepreneurs investments opportunities through successful pitches on the reality show.

The TV show, which has started airing on television channels, showed five ‘lions’ who are regarded as potential investors.

A statement by the organisers of the show notes that “the lions are looking to give back to society and help Nigerians fulfill their dreams and ambitions”

The debut episode of the show featured four budding entrepreneurs. A maker of power stove equipment which could also be used to charge phones and sundry devices, Oke Ese, CEO of Scentify, Bukola Adebomi, Ese Oruade, whose firm produces non-contact hand-washing machines, and Michelle Omoregha, founder of 989Spaces.

At the end of the episode, Oruade, who came looking for N40m for his firm got the money from four of the ‘lions’ in exchange for 40 per cent shares in Ese’s firm. Another successful entrepreneur was Omoregha of 989Spaces.

The show which is produced by Ultima Studios is sponsored by Ecobank and Chapel Hill Denham and supported by the Bank of Industry and Development Bank of Nigeria.

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