Redeemed Christian Church Of God Invents Dating Sites For Single Youths, Widows, And Widowers | MarvelTVUpdates

The leadership of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish has introduced a dating site for all singles who are trusting God for a God-fearing spouse.

The Parish Pastor, Idowu Iluyomade said the site is not to be visited by those who are not serious or ready to comply with the rules guiding it. He said all information would be processed before it’s been approved. has its mission and modus operandi.

According to him, the site is strictly for God-fearing singles, widows, widowers, and unmarried seniors who are ready to settle down within a year or two after registering.

However, the church encourages that those putting in their details should do that with the fear of God. And members must be actively involved in church activities.

He also encourages registrants to carry out their background checks before connecting with anyone, to avoid saying yes to an agent of darkness.

According to the Parish Pastor, the church won’t be held responsible for anyone who fails to carry out his/her findings, or anyone who fails to adhere to godly counsel. The site is meant for mature minds and not babies.

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