VIDEO: Wife Of The 25-Year-Old Man Who Jumped Into A Lagoon In Epe, Lagos On Tuesday Speaks Out In An Interview | MarvelTvUpdates

Ms Sofiat Amusa, wife of a 25-year-old man who committed suicide by jumping into lagoon in Epe, attributed husband death to frustration, depression.

Amusa said this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, in Epe, on Friday.

She said that her husband has been intimidating the family with frightening goodbye messages, however people considered it jargons because they thought he was taking too much Colorado.

She however said he didn’t take Colorado but Arizona and that few days before the unfortunate incident, he quit taking hard drugs alltogether.

When asked what support she needed from Nigerians to take care of her 11-month-old baby girl, she said

“There is no one standing by me now except my own family.

“No one from my deceased husband family has contacted me, and I’ve no friends who can support.

“I’ll appreciate the support of Nigerians.

“Before his demise, he pleaded that I should take care of his child.”

She appealed to Nigerians to support her with food and cash to take care of their daughter.

Watch Video of interview below:

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