A New Orimolusi Of Ijebu-Igbo Emerges After 28years Without A King | MarvelTvupdates

Information we are able to gather says that the afobajes finally picked a prince and the newly inaugurated warrant chiefs (afobajes) shall submit a name to the state government soon.

From many sources Here comes the New Orimolusi of Ijebu-igbo. Prince Lawrence Jayeola Adebajo beat Baba Soilu Sadiku during the election of New Orimolusi held today by 6 to 4

Prince Adebajo, who stepped down for Prince Sadiku in 1997 was born on November 11, 1953 and worked in Lagos State Ministry of Environment.

After election, led a group to meet with Baba Sadiku. Prince Adebajo will be awarded certificate of election.

Ki ade pe lori, ki bata pe lese… congratulations to all the sons and daughters of Ijebu-igbo

More details coming soon…

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