“I Didn’t See It As Being A Major Decision” Carrick Speaks On Dropping Ronaldo In CHEMUN Match | MarvelTvUpdates

Manchester United caretaker, Michael Carrick, has revealed that there has been no “drama” at the club over his decision to bench Cristiano Ronaldo from his starting line-up for Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Chelsea Stamford Bridge.

Ronaldo started on the bench and he emerged early in the second-half to replace goalscorer Jadon Sancho in the 64th minute, making little impact on the game.

Carrick is set to remain in charge for Thursday’s Match with Arsenal, as United’s newly appointed interim boss Ralf Rangnick awaits a work permit.

Ahead of the game, he told reporters: “I think this type of discussions get blown up really, a lot bigger than they probably are, when you’re kind of inside the team or the club.

“Decisions are made for a lot of different reasons and of course certain ones get bigger news than others, but that’s how it was.

“I didn’t see it as being a major decision. It certainly wasn’t within the camp or group. We all got on really well. The game went well to an extent and it wasn’t a drama at all.”

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