Lai Mohammed Speaks On The Removal Of Nigeria From The Religious Freedom Blacklist | MarvelTvUpdates


The Nigeria Government has spoken on the removal of Nigeria from the United State list of countries with religious freedom concerns, calling the decision fair and just.

In a statement issued by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed in Paris, France, on Thursday, he explained Nigeria’s earlier stand when it was put on the list in December 2020, he insisted that Nigeria does not engage in religious freedom violation neither does it encourage any policy that kicks against it citizens choice of religion.

“Nigeria will always encourage religious freedom as enshrined in the country’s constitution and the government will not hesitate to take serious actions against any infringements”.

”We will continue to ensure that every Nigerian has the freedom to practice his or her own chosen religion or belief without hindrance”.

He commended the religious leaders who have been working endlessly and tirelessly to ensure unity remains in the country.

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